Inquiry for Residence Permit

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance Customers, In this week's article, we will share up-to-date information that we believe will be really important and beneficial for you during the residence permit processes in Turkey.

Individuals who want to stay in Turkey for touristic purposes of 30 days or a maximum of 90 days, depending on their country, must apply for a residence permit, that is, a residence permit. The authorized institution for residence permit applications is the General Directorate of Migration Management. There is a directorate in each province working under this institution. Foreign nationals entering Turkey must first apply through the website, which is affiliated to the General Directorate of Migration Management.

Do not take the process into consideration on any site other than the website when applying. Many intermediary institutions charge a fee (which is not legal), after which serious grievances and problems can be experienced regarding the application processes.

In addition, as per KVKK, sharing your sensitive / private information such as Passport, ID, User Passwords, photos and address information with third parties digitally via WhatsApp or e-mail is very risky, it is a crime according to the law and carries serious risks for the coming years.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call 157 Yimer Call Center and get all kinds of support in your mother tongue free of charge, just a phone call away.

Most importantly, when you consider investing in Turkey during your residence application or in the next steps, having your personal information in third parties carries many risks.

So what awaits foreign guests during the application process?


First of all, after the application is made through the website, among the documents requested on the appointment day;

1.  Passport copy

2.  4 biometric photos

3.  Residence appointment application form

4.  Tax ID document

5.  Bank account documents

6.  Notarized document of residence address

7.  It must be submitted with an electronic or wet-signed document of the foreign health insurance.

After the documents are delivered, our Foreign Guests will be able to reside in Turkey with your residence application form until the process is evaluated positively or negatively by the Directorate of Migration Management.

So, How to Make a Residence Permit Inquiry While Waiting for the Residence Result?


While waiting for the result of your residence permit application, you should start the process with the

I Want to Learn the Application Result option on the website