How To Apply For Student Residency ?

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How To Apply For Student Residency ?

This week's topic will be to tell you about the student residence permit. We work to guide our visitors who come to our page for foreign health insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ), who wonder what the residence permit is, or who want to know about other issues related to us. Foreign persons wishing to reside in our country must have foreign health insurance for residence in the first place and must have fulfilled other conditions. The subject of this article will be to inform our foreign visitors who wish to obtain residence permit for the student term. We wish you a pleasant reading.

How To Apply For Student Residency ?

* Appointment procedures are the official website of our state / performed via.

* When making an appointment, the date of the appointment is filled in with the complete information and the correct information to be declared on the day of the appointment.

* At the date of appointment, the documents specified in the system are completed and present at the appointment site on time.

Considerations for Applying for Residency

* Foreign guests who enter legally with a passport or official passport replacement can stay in our country for the duration of their visa or visa exemption, which varies depending on the country of origin. However, those who wish to stay for a period exceeding the visa or visa exemption period must obtain a residence permit.

* Foreigners who wish to obtain a residence permit must apply before the end of the visa or visa exemption period as of the date they enter Turkey with their passports. Applications made after the visa or visa exemption period are not accepted and the request for the foreigner to leave abroad is requested. During the applications, compliance with the 180/90 day rule is checked. They can stay within the borders of our country for a maximum of 90 days without having a residence permit.

* If foreigners have changed their passports, they are obliged to make their application as the first application even if there is an extension application

* Foreigners who have made conditional entry must submit their application within 10 days from the date of notification. Otherwise, applications can not be accepted in any case, may become illegal and there is an obligation to go abroad.

The conditions for applying for student residence permit are as follows;

* Will attend Turkish learning courses

* Special student / guest status

* Students in our country can not take residence for Erasmus internship program

* Turkish Learning Course students, Special/Guest students, Erasmus internship program interns who cannot obtain student residence permit will only apply for a short term residence permit and choose ‘ Turkish learning courses’ for the purpose of their stay.

* To apply for residence, the student must complete the university registration within the visa exemption/visa period.

* Foreigners who have conditional entry cannot apply for residence permit if they have not registered at the University on the date of conditional entry.

* Foreign students who apply for student residence permit within the first 3 months from the date of registration to the university can apply without declaring health insurance if they commit to make insurance within this 3 months. After the first three months, health insurance is compulsory in student residence as in other types of residence as stated in law..

Accordingly ;

* Foreign students who do not have insurance must obtain a private health insurance covering the minimum guarantee structure determined in the circular on private health insurance to be made in residence permit requests dated 06/06/2016 and numbered 9.

* If foreign students have taken out an international health insurance when coming from their country, they will be able to use it in their applications provided that the translations of these health insurance are made and that the minimum guarantee structure of these insurance is approved and committed by the University in writing.

* If the university has been contacted, it must be located at the place specified on the date of appointment given by the Immigration Administration. Otherwise, applications for those whose appointment is prior to the date of appointment at the university will not be accepted. Those with advanced appointments are only accepted if they apply individually on the date of appointment. However, these statements are not accepted as excuses when subjects such as attendance requirements and exams are presented as excuses.

What Should Foreigners Do When Their Residence Permit Expires?

If the student process continues;

* Foreign students who have a residence permit must start applying for an extension two months before they wish to continue living in Turkey. However, foreign students who have completed their residency permit can apply with penalty within 10 days of the end of their residency.

If the 10-day application period is missed;

* If the foreign student has a valid excuse for exceeding the 10-day application period, he / she will apply to the Immigration Administration with a written document proving his / her alibi. The excuse received by a petition is evaluated by the competent Commission. If the commission makes a negative decision, the decision-making period of the commission is included in the penalty.

* If the foreign student does not have a valid excuse, his / her application is rejected and he / she is directed to exit the country.

If the right to be a student is over ;

* Foreign student's right to apply for other types of residence permit will be subject to the provisions. In any case, he / she must apply for a transition to the type of residence permit he / she meets the requirements of before the end of the residence permit or within 10 days from the end of the residence permit.

What should students who have graduated or will be ?

* Foreign students who will graduate are obliged to report their graduation to the Immigration Administration within 10 days according to the legislation related to residence procedures.

What Should Students Do When Changing Their School/Department/Faculty ?

* If a foreign student is changing from one province to another university, he / she is obliged to notify the Immigration Administration within 10 days.

· If the foreign student is transferring to a university in the same province, if he / she has changed his / her faculty and department without any interruption in his / her student status, he / she is obliged to notify the Immigration Administration within 20 days.

Can anyone who hasn't completed my paperwork still go on a date ?

According to the law on Residence Permit Procedures, foreigners who are present at the appointment site on the date of appointment are granted a 30-day missing document completion period.


* Even if the documents are incomplete, the foreign person who has an appointment must be present at the appointment site on the date of the appointment, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled.

* Applying after the provision of documents such as health insurance, student certificate is not valid application form. Residence permit applications are valid as long as they are made within the period of time.

* Students who renew their passport must apply for residence permit in the relevant periods instead of delaying their application for residence permit due to the difficulties they have experienced in their consulates and must inform the Immigration Administration about this issue by applying with the letter they received from their consulates.

Can you go to the Immigration Administration before the appointment date ?

There is no application to forward the dates of appointment given in relation to Residence Permit Procedures. However, if there are serious conditions, the applications of the students who apply to the Immigration Administration can be evaluated with a written document.

What to do with strangers who miss an appointment date ?

Foreigners who do not make an appointment for their residence permit applications are certain but must make a new appointment again within the period of their visa/visa exemption.

We remind you that you can easily do your foreign health insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) online from our website, which is required to apply for residence permit. If you want to ask us any questions free of charge, you can send them with peace of mind.

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