How to Apply for Foreign Student Residence?

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Our dear Foreign Health ( İkamet ) Insurance customers, with this article we will share with the most current information about the application processes of foreigners who will apply for student residence in Turkey. We believe that these informations will be very important and useful for you.

How to Apply for Foreign Student Residence?

First of all, appointment procedures are carried out through the official website of our state, which is There are many intermediary firms similar to the immigration authority website. For this reason, please be careful that the site where you are doing your transactions is

When you make an E-ikamet Appointment Registration, you should make sure that your information is complete and same with the information you will declare on the appointment day.

You should go to your appointment by preparing all the necessary documents.

Requirements for Student Residence Permit

Foreigners who will receive an education at associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctor's degree in a higher education institution in Turkey can apply for a student residence permit.

In order to apply for student residence, the student must register for university within the visa exemption/visa period.

Foreigners who enter with a conditional acceptance cannot apply for a student residence permit if they don't register at the university on the date they enter conditionally. 

Foreign students who apply for a student residence permit within the first 3 months from the date of enrollment in the university can make their applications without declaring Health Insurance if they take out insurance within these 3 months. After the first three months, as stated in the law numbered 6458, health insurance is obligatory for student residence as in other types of residence.

According to this;

Foreign students who do not have insurance are obliged to take out foreign health insurance in accordance with the minimum coverage specified in the Notice on Private Health Insurance for Visa and Residence Requests dated 16/06/2021 and numbered 2021/8.

If the university has been contacted, you must be at the specified place on the date of appointment given by the immigration authority. Otherwise, applications of those whose appointment is before the appointment date at the university will not be accepted. Students who have future appointments will only be accepted if they apply individually on the appointment date. If the student presents excuses such as compulsory attendance to the classes and exams, these statements won't be accepted as excuses. 

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What should foreigners whose residence permit expires do?

If they are still students; 

Foreign students who have residence permit, if they want to continue living in Turkey, they must apply for residence extension two months ago. However, foreign students whose residence permits have expired can apply with a penalty within 10 days from the end date of residence.

If the 10-day application period has been missed; 

If the foreign student has a valid excuse for exceeding the 10-day application period, he/she applies to the Immigration Administration with a written document proving his/her excuse. The excuse received with a petition is evaluated by the authorized commission. If the commission decides negatively, the decision-making period of the commission is also included in the penalty.

If the foreign student does not have a valid excuse, his/her application is rejected and he /she is asked to leave the country. 

If they are not students anymore;

If the foreigner's right to be a student has expired, he or she will be subject to the provisions regarding applying for other types of residence permits. In any case, before the end of the residence permit or within 10 days from the date of the end of the residence permit, he /she should apply for a transition to the type of residence permit that it meets the conditions.

What Should Graduates Do? 

Foreign students who will graduate are obliged to notify their graduation to the Migration Authority within 10 days according to the legislation on residence procedures. 

What Should Students Who Change Their School/Department/Faculty Do?

If a foreign student changes his/her university from one province to another, he/she is obliged to go to the Migration Authority within 10 days and make a notification.

If the foreign student is transferring to a university in the same province, if he/she has changed his/her faculty and department without any deduction in his/her student status, he/she is obliged to go to the Immigration Authority within 20 days and make a notification. is an online buying platform that provides foreign health insurance service for residence (ikamet) only. For our foreign health insurance services, please visit the main page of our website. During the residence application process, we share all of our knowledge and experience with our customers free of charge. We suggest you to read our Google customer reviews in this regard.


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Important Note; Carry out all your residence transactions yourself at, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Do not apply for residence except this site.

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