How Did I Get My Residence Permit? 2023

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we continue to share with you the legal information we learned about the insurance and residence processes in order to facilitate the lives of our foreign guests living in Turkey.

Our website only offers Foreign Health Insurance / Residence Permit Insurance. It was established for this purpose. Apart from this, there are no different insurance products. All information about residence permit processes on our site and in our blog posts is for the purpose of informing users and is shared completely free of charge to assist our policyholders.

With our blog post this week, "How to Get a Residence in 2023? “We will talk about this.


I wanted to share my experience as a person who obtained a residence permit for foreigners who want to reside in Turkey. By taking a few minutes to read my article, you can quickly get information about your foreign health insurance and residence permit. Thanks to this article, those who are afraid of bureaucratic procedures and unfortunately many people who are victimized by websites that advertise similar to immigration administration can realize that these procedures are easy. In this way, foreigners who will get a residence permit in Turkey will understand that they can do these procedures in Turkey with very simple, legal and affordable prices.

I have compiled the information by wishing that this article will be useful for foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit. If there are inaccuracies or new regulations in the information, you can be sure that the E-İkamet Insurance team checks and updates this information. The steps I have told you are not the only way, but since the process works well for me, I found it appropriate to share these steps.

First of all, when making an appointment while applying for residence, make sure that the official website of the state is the link of the site, for this, make sure that the website is https://e-

Otherwise, many intermediary institutions charge fees and unfortunately many people are victimized.

While researching the residence permit application processes, I came across the website First of all, I was very happy to be able to access a lot of information about residence, free of charge, on the website. Then, to learn the foreign health insurance price, I filled my name, surname, date of birth and contact information on the main page and compared the prices of four companies. I would like to point out that I provided these reviews around 21:00 on weekdays. While I was wondering if I could get this policy because it was out of working hours, how could I get it, even though it was 3 minutes and it was evening, the company employees immediately contacted me and gave me a special discount code for the day, giving me a

serious discount on the prices. I knew that I had to take out the insurance, but I didn't think it could be that easy and simple. I was able to get a foreign health insurance for residence easily and at a very discounted price from this site. I was told by the person who contacted me that I could make my online residence insurance. Then I watched a video explaining how to get an online foreign health policy. I completed all the steps in an average of 3 minutes very simply and instantly my health insurance policy and policy number came. After this process, I completed my application through the immigration administration website.

The fact that I reached helped me about all the processes. They provided support on all processes for the residence permit and explained all of this support process free of charge. I know that most people/institutions charge a consultancy fee of around 3,000 TL for these transactions and collect our personal information. I've heard that this process is not safe and they scam many people as well. I also wanted to share with you this free and secure support provided by E-ikametsigorta's customer service. :)

Now I will list below what you need to do step by step.

Step 1: Purchase foreign health insurance that covers the period of residence required when making an appointment because you will need the policy number when making an appointment.

Step 2: Applying for an appointment via the official website of the state, (Unfortunately, there are fake similar sites other than this website, definitely do not apply from a different site)

Step 3: Opening a Turkish bank account (no need if you can get a breakdown of your foreign bank account)

Step 4: Showing a certain amount of money in your bank account or getting a statement

Step 5: Obtaining a tax number from the tax office and paying the fees written on the residence application form. (The residence card fee is fixed at 356 TL, but the fee is calculated depending on the length of stay and your country. The maximum amount is around 1800 TL.)

Step 6: Have the lease agreement or deed copy of your residence address approved by the notary public. This step is much more important than before, and you must register an address with the lease agreement of the address you will live in.

After completing all these steps, the documents you need to take with you on the appointment day;

Photocopy of the passaport 4 biometric photos

Residence appointment application form tax number document

Bank account documents

Notarized document of residence address

Electronic or wet signed document of foreign health insurance

When you go to the relevant immigration office with all these documents on the day and time of your appointment, your transactions are completed in an average of half an hour and when your residence card is ready, your residence card will be sent to your address via PTT.

When you want to do all these steps with a consultancy firm, it costs a minimum of 3,000 TL consultancy fee, an average of 1,800 TL of tuition, 356 TL of card fee, and an average of 1,100 TL of insurance and notary expenses, and a total of 7,000 TL.

But if you want to do all these steps yourself, you will be able to complete the whole process for a maximum of 3,250 TL with your tuition fee of 1800 TL, 356 TL card fee and an average of 1,100 TL in insurance and notary expenses. In this way, you will eliminate both unnecessary expenses and intermediary institutions.

Unfortunately, many institutions copy the immigration administration website and receive applications, and due to its similarity, many foreign guests experience material / moral grievances. In fact, foreign guests who apply to these sites and then pay the requested fee think that they pay the required fees for E-residence.

As, we are happy to share all legal updates with you. Do not forget to watch our video on this subject on our Youtube channel.

As, we always provide support to you after the purchase as well as during the purchase of insurance for residence. Our customer service is 7 days and we continue to serve in the mother tongue.


E-ikamet Insurance Team


Contact: +90 212 355 89 89


Address: Nispetiye Mah. Gazi Gucnar Sok. No:4 Floor:4 Office No:10 Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Important note; Carry out all your residence procedures yourself at, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Do not make your residence application outside of this site.

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