Health Insurance Prices for Foreigners 2022

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Health Insurance Prices for Foreigners 2022

Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we will look at what we need to pay attention to when buying insurance that we need for this blog post and we often suffer from misdecisions.

When you register a residence appointment/application, you are required to register your residence insurance in the system as well. Some consulting companies can make these processes without adding your insurance, giving you an incorrect application, and then causing you to be a victim. In fact, it's not as hard to register your residency application as it used to be, but it's simple and takes you up to 10 minutes.

Foreign health insurance is required. But in detail, unlike previous years, it is now a very advantageous insurance and a really important opportunity for all foreigners living in Turkey. Turkish citizens can afford a similar health insurance 4-5 times more. If there are no foreigners living in Turkey, no special insurance, you can be sure that they will have significant advantages over time to take this policy and continue it.

Key Points on Foreign Health Insurance

Never purchase your residency insurance from an authorized insurance agent. Please ask the point where you purchased this to understand this.. A point without an Insurance Agent is prohibited from intermediating the Insurance sale. With the validity of your foreign health insurance you have purchased, you may experience difficulties in the following days. in 2021, 125,000 fake residency insurance were sold, and these are 2. they had to take foreign health insurance.

The easiest way to understand this is to learn the title of an agent and check the agency lists on the website of the respective insurance company general manager. In addition, under the law, the Company Trade Title, Mersis No, Levha Registration No, Trade Registry No are shared on the websites. Be careful if this information does not exist


Under the laws of the Republic of Turkey, only authorized agencies, brokers, insurance companies can sell insurance. Other than that, consulting companies, individuals are strictly prohibited from selling insurance.

Unauthorized Insurance sales people will likely cause you serious difficulties later on, you can be assured. You may not be able to stay alone in the cancellation/return process to receive post-insurance service.

If you want to purchase your Health Insurance for Residency at a digital point, you should definitely check whether the company is authorized, then look at Google reviews, and the point where you should be aware is, please review the reviews of real individuals in the Google business account, not fake reviews on the website, if such a Google Business Account is not available, we advise you to stay away from this property.

One of the most important things you need to be aware of is the price you get. Foreign health insurance prices for the residence of all insurance companies in Turkey 1 start at a minimum of 750TL years. Points that are significantly lower than this price are often consultancy firms that are unauthorized and not authorized by the agency. The easiest way to understand this is to get the price you were given and call the relevant insurance company and find out.

We advise you not to take any risks, such as Deport, such as rejection of your residency application, by trying to buy insurance for a little less.

If you are going to purchase an online insurance, make sure that the relevant website is registered with the ETBIS system., you can think of it as an electronic recording system of the state's online services. We strongly advise you to stay away from websites that do not have this record.

One of the ways to purchase your resident insurance is unfortunately done through Whatsapp. In this way, foreigners send their passport or residence cards to the agents, and manually unauthorized persons attempt to create insurance. However, this method is a process that is contrary to the KVKK, and beyond that, it can create huge problems in the days/years ahead. With this information, we will open companies on your behalf, create credit cards, withdraw credit, etc. We strongly advise you not to choose this method.

Purchase your session permit insurance at the point where you are absolutely sure, and by learning the insurance company standard prices. It's easy to understand and confirm.

at a point when purchasing your residency insurance, you should be aware that your policy start date is correct. The point you purchase in this direction should be able to provide you with the right information and be aware that it is experienced in this area. Otherwise, your insurance needs to be revoked and rearranged, and your residency processes may be disrupted.

Leading Insurance companies in Foreign Health Insurance

According to the first 3 months of 2022 data, Ankara Insurance, Turkish Nippon Insurance, Demir Insurance companies are the leading insurance companies in residential insurance.

Ankara Insurance, Foreign Health Insurance price is the lowest legal price, starting at 783 TL 1-year, 2-year 1958 TL.

Turkish Nippon Insurance, Foreign Health Insurance, the lowest legal price is 780 TL for 1 years and 1950 TL for 2 years.

Demir Insurance, Foreign Health Insurance, the lowest legal price is 750 TL for 1 years and 1988 TL for 2 years. is an online procurement platform that offers foreign health insurance for residential use only. Our website is already set up for this purpose and there are only 1 insurance products. Our policy also applies to residency applications. In the application process, we will be free of all our knowledge and experience

Yours sincerely

E-İkametsigorta Team

Important Note: Do all your residency yourself at, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing personal information with third parties and agents.

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