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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we continue to share with you the legal information we have learned about insurance and residence processes to make the lives of foreign guests living in Turkey easier. 

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In this week's blog post, we will share with you all the information you need about General Health Insurance for Foreigners. 

General health insurance is required for foreigners living in Turkey to benefit from health services. Within the scope of this insurance, foreigners can receive treatment in public hospitals and certain private hospitals in Turkey. 

Services offered within the scope of general health insurance for foreigners include outpatient clinic services, hospitalization services, surgeries, medications and some medical tests.

Who are the foreign nationals who will benefit from General Health Insurance?  

• Those who obtained a residence permit, 

• Those who are not insured under the legislation of a foreign country and do not have the right to benefit from health insurance, 

• Foreign nationals whose residence period in Turkey exceeds one uninterrupted year and who have made a request as of this date will benefit from general health insurance. 

 Where should foreign nationals apply to benefit from general health insurance? 

 Foreign nationals must apply to the social security provincial/central directorates closest to their address.

What documents do foreign nationals need to apply to benefit from general health insurance? 

• Residence permit document, 

• The original or photocopy of the letter taken from the relevant foreign country's social security institution or labor attaché showing their social security status in terms of general health insurance application, 

• Commitment form

How to terminate the general health insurance of foreign citizens? 

• Residence permits have expired, 

• They are insured under the legislation of a foreign country, 

• They are considered as holders of another general health insurance,

• The current general health insurance is terminated when the spouse switches to SSI.

Are foreign students covered by general health insurance? 


Foreign students studying in our country become general health insurance holders if they make a request within three months from the date of first registration to the educational institution/school, regardless of the 1-year residence requirement. General health insurance provisions do not apply to those who do not make a request during this period during their education. 


 What is the general health insurance premium rate that foreign citizens will pay? 

 The premium rate that foreign citizens will pay is 24% of the minimum wage.

What is the general health insurance premium rate that foreign students will pay?  

The premium rate that foreign students will pay is 4% of the minimum wage. Within this scope, all the premiums of the general health insurance of those who are considered as general health insurance holders for an academic period are paid to the Institution within one month from the date of registration. Premium differences that will arise due to changes in the minimum wage will be paid to the Institution by the end of the month in which the change is implemented. Minimum wage changes are made every January and students must follow the premium amounts they will pay during this period. One-year registration is made for students and a one-year premium amount must be paid.

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