Foreigners Health Insurance Prices in 2023

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance Customers, in this blog post, we will discuss what to look for during the residence ( İkamet ) application process and how to avoid making poor decisions, particularly regarding insurance costs.

It is obligatory to register your residence insurance in the online appointment system when submitting your residence application online. The date of the appointment application should match the date of the residence insurance. However, one of the reasons for residence rejection is choosing SSK without including insurance information when making an appointment, finishing the process, and buying insurance on the day of the appointment. Consulting companies in particular can create an appointment without an insurance record, causing you to submit a false application and causing you trouble. In fact, residence application is much simpler and takes no more than five minutes now than it did in the past. Your financial and education information must be accurately entered into the system.

Firstly, you should submit your residence appointment application through the official state website of our country, The official website of the Immigration Administration is the only official website for Residence Appointment. Please be cautious about fake websites during this process.

Your insurance should cover the duration of your residence, which is the second thing you should consider when buying a foreign health policy for residence. The application date is entirely up to you. That's why, it is crucial to decide before applying for either an initial application or an extension. As, we first ask this question to our customers who request a price offer from our website because many of them experience serious issues on the day of their appointment with the immigration authority. Additionally, a lot of foreign customers who purchase insurance from various sources are forced to purchase it once more because they are unable to contact the insurance provider. As the team, we provide free, seven-day service and support in four languages to our customers who are having problems with their insurance dates or who want to change the policy date in response to the Immigration Authority's request.

Let's now examine how to choose your insurance date.

When scheduling a residence appointment, you should first fully save your insurance information in the system. Since many insurance providers do not issue policies retroactively and redetermine this date, if your appointment date is later, you might have problems with the Immigration Administration.

As, we collaborate with four of Turkey's top insurance providers. These insurance companies are authorized to issue policies for 180 days in advance as well as 60 days in the past. By selecting the appropriate date for your application while purchasing your insurance from our website, you can get your insurance very quickly and easily.

You can instantly purchase your 2-year insurance policy if you're planning to purchase a 2-year policy.

If you're going to apply for residence for the first time, you can select the day that you fill out the required form for an appointment on our state's official website, Or you can select any day prior to your 90 or 30 day visa period, which is the length of your permitted stay in Turkey.

If you are going to apply for a residence extension, your policy start date must be the same as the end date of your current residence. Individuals who will apply for an extension must have the same policy start date as the end date of their current residence. For instance, if the residence will end on January 1, 2023, you must choose January 1, 2023 as the insurance start date when purchasing insurance for the extension application.

What Is the Price of Foreign Health Insurance?

It is required to purchase foreign health insurance for residence application. Additionally, foreign health insurance is now very advantageous, in contrast to prior years, and it is an important opportunity for all foreigners who will live in Turkey. Similar health insurance is 4-5 times more expensive to buy for Turkish citizens. Foreign citizens who live in Turkey are strongly advised to obtain private insurance. We're sure that it will eventually offer them a number of important benefits.

Particularly many organizations that aren't authorized to sell insurance (plus they don't know anything about insurance) assert that they can offer you "empty insurance" for a better deal. However, the content of foreign health insurance policies that are acceptable for residence is set by the Immigration Authority. And it can't be changed.

For this reason, you ought to purchase your insurance from a licensed insurance agent. Please inquire as to whether they are authorized sales representatives of the company from which you bought your insurance. Insurance cannot be sold by any organization that is not an insurance agency. The simplest way to check this is to learn the agency's name or Agency Plate Registration Number, then check the agency lists on the website of the relevant insurance company's general directory. Additionally, the Company's Trade Name, Mersis No, Plate Registration No, and Trade Registry No must be disclosed on the website in accordance with the law. If this information is not available, you are advised to be cautious. Unfortunately, many organizations that aren't allowed to sell insurance are attempting to do so by, for instance, sending their other clients the policies that have been issued on your behalf and contain your personal information (such as your passport, identity information, date of birth, and address). When you purchase a policy from these companies, you run the risk that it will likely be fake, that it won't be recognized by the immigration authorities, and that your personal information will be disclosed to outside parties. 

Leading Foreign Health Insurance Companies

We are, the official online digital purchasing platform of Turkey's four leading insurance companies. And our pricing policy is based on the legally permitted discounts that insurance companies have provided to us.

The following is a list of insurance company prices;

First off, the content of the insurance companies on our website is the same for all of them. The only differences between these insurance companies are their prices, service quality, and contracted service networks. 

1-   The lowest legal price for Demir Hayat Foreign Health Insurance is 1,064 TL for a year and 2,656 TL for a two-year period.

2-   The lowest legal price for Gulf Foreign Health Insurance is 1.090 TL for a year and 2.692 TL for 2 years.

3-   The lowest legal price for Ankara Foreign Health Insurance is 1.168 TL for a year and 2.920 TL for 2 years.

4-    The lowest legal price for Turk Nippon Foreign Health Insurance is 1755 TL for a year and 4388 TL for 2 years.

Discover the insurance provider's standard prices before buying your insurance for a residence permit from a source you can trust. You should definitely confirm that the company is authorized before purchasing residence insurance online. Next, you should read the Google comments. Take a look at the real customer reviews on the Google business account rather than the fake ones on the website. If there isn't a Google Business Account for this company, we strongly suggest that you avoid doing business with them. is Turkey's first and only online purchasing platform for foreign health insurance. On our website, you can purchase Foreign Health Insurance in just 3 easy steps and 3 minutes. Afterward, you can immediately get your policy and your policy number. Your electronically signed policy is also sent to your email address. You can request free shipping, and it will be sent to your address.

After obtaining your insurance very conveniently and reliably, you can easily add insurance to the residence appointment system with the help of our customer representative's free assistance.

Remember to give us a call if you want more detailed information.

E-ikamet Sigorta Team

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Address : Nispetiye Mah. Gazi Güçnar Sok. No:4 Kat:4 Ofis No:10 Beşiktaş, Istanbul                 

Important Reminder: Use the Republic of Turkey's official website,, to conduct all of your residential transactions. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Only use the official Göç İdaresi website to submit a residence application.

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