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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we continue to share the legal information we have learned about insurance and residence processes to facilitate the lives of foreign guests living in Turkey.

We will talk about this subject in this week's blog post "Foreign Health Insurance Prices and Buying a Policy Online".

And it must cover the minimum coverage structure requested by the Immigration Administration within the scope of the policy.

The policy must include the following statement: "It covers the minimum coverage structure determined in the Circular on Health Insurance to be Provided for Visa and Residence Permit Requests dated 10/05/2016 and numbered 16 (with changes within the scope of the circular numbered 2021/8 dated 16/06/2021)." The phrase should be included.

Today, unfortunately, many institutions offer the foreign health policy valid for residence, and most of them are unauthorized institutions. When buying a policy, you should be careful not to buy from these institutions.

When purchasing your residence insurance, you should never purchase it from an authorized insurance agency. To understand this, please ask the point of purchase. It is forbidden for a point that is not an Insurance Agency to act as an intermediary in the sale of Insurance.

As, we work with Turkey's 4 leading insurance companies, and these insurance companies have the authority to issue policies for 60 days retroactive and 180 days forward. In this way, when purchasing your insurance from our website, you can get your insurance very quickly and easily by choosing the date you want in accordance with your application.

If you are going to purchase 2-year insurance, you can purchase your 2-year policy immediately with a single transaction.

Foreign health insurance is generally taken out because it is compulsory. However, when looked at in detail, unlike previous years, it is now a very advantageous insurance and is a really important opportunity for all foreigners who will live in Turkey. Turkish citizens can purchase a similar health insurance by paying 4-5 times more premium. We are sure that foreigners who will live in Turkey, if they do not have a private insurance, should definitely purchase and maintain this insurance, which will provide them with significant advantages over time.

Many institutions, especially those that are not authorized to sell insurance (even though they do not have any knowledge about insurance), use expressions such as "if you buy blank insurance", we can give a more affordable / cheaper price when offering insurance prices. However, foreign health insurance coverage valid for residence is determined by the immigration administration, and their contents are the same in all insurance companies and cannot be changed.

To give an example, the legal price for students born in 2000 is 1950 TL in all insurance companies. As E-, the price drops to 850 TL within the framework of the special discount campaign we have made with Demir Sigorta.

As, we only use the legal discount rights given by insurance companies, that is, the same amount you paid in the policy you purchased is included in your policy, which shows that we, as a company, work legally and institutionally. Unfortunately, policies worth around 3,500 TL are offered for 350 TL by companies that are not authorized to sell insurance through various social media accounts. While the amount you pay is 350 TL, it says 3,500 TL on the policy. Unfortunately, such situations are provided by unauthorized sales institutions and will cause you headaches in the next stages., Foreign health insurance for residence only, is Turkey's first online website that complies with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. You can purchase your Residence Insurance with confidence.

You can purchase your residence insurance ONLINE, 7 days / 24 hours, quickly and easily in 3 steps from our website and instantly access your Policy / Policy Number.

Our website has already been established for this purpose and has only 1 insurance product. We recommend that you look at our customers' Google comments to see this. Our customers have over 2,300 reviews.

As, we always support you in the post-purchase processes as well as in the insurance purchasing processes. Our customer service is happy to serve you 7 days a week in 4 languages.


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