Foreign Health Insurance for Ikamet

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Foreign Health Insurance

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, foreign nationals who wish to apply for citizenship or obtain a residence permit in Turkey are required to have foreign health insurance. When applying for citizenship or residence permit, a private health insurance policy is required to be presented with the documents. It is sufficient for foreign persons wishing to obtain a residence permit appointment to present the original or electronically signed version of the foreign health insurance policy at the time of the appointment.

Foreign health insurance is a private health insurance. Guarantees of forms and conditions are limited. However, foreign persons who have private health insurance for residence are very advantageous compared to the private health insurance made by citizens in Turkey. Residence health insurance can be purchased in Turkey with very appropriate premiums. While a citizen in Turkey can take private health insurance with a figure such as 3000 TL, the average premium for foreign persons who will receive private health insurance for their residence is around 225 TL. The pricing of residence insurance varies according to age but is between £ 125 and £ 750. Anyone up to the age of 65 can benefit from foreign private health insurance

The foreign health insurance content and coverage limits for the resident are the same in all insurance companies. The difference here is whether or not insurance companies are active in this area.

Foreigners applying for a residence permit will have their health secured during their stay in Turkey thanks to the foreign health insurance they have made..

Our policy covers the minimum guarantee structure set out in the Circular on Private Health Insurance stipulated on 10/05/2016 and 16/2016 for Visa and Residence Requests.

The most important thing that distinguishes from other insurance companies is that it allows you to purchase your policy online. We are in our homes because of the pandemic is essential to stay in these days online electronic signed policy to obtain your site is supporting you.

Thanks to your foreign health insurance from, you will have extensive coverage for outpatient or inpatient treatments, doctor's examinations, medication costs and many medical procedures. Click on the link to look at the scope of detailed services in foreign health insurance

If the foreign person has taken out insurance from an insurance company abroad, They must certify that the policy is valid in Turkey.

The person who has a work permit must also have health insurance for the spouse and children of the foreign person.

You can purchase your foreign health insurance online from our website, 24/7, in only 3 steps / 3 minutes, and you can reach your policy and Policy number instantly.( For this purpose, we recommend that you watch the Introduction video on our website. ) Your electronic signed policy will be sent to your defined e-mail address at the time of purchase. In addition, if requested, your policy is delivered free of charge by cargo.

Even if you are not going to take out health insurance for your residence, we recommend that each person take out private health insurance. Please click on the link to get detailed information about minimum requirements of foreign health insurance, contracted institutions and application processes

You can also contact us at our contact addresses for questions that occur in your mind.

We wish you healthy days

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