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Dear Foreign Health Insurance Customers, in this week's article, we will share the warnings that are closely related to many of our foreign guests during the residence permit processes in Turkey.

With the news of "Residence Permits of Foreign Nationals Suspended in Istanbul" published on many social media accounts on. July 15, 2023, many foreign guests fell into fear and anxiety. In fact, we kindly ask you not to trust such news unless it is published by official institutions. In our meeting with 157 (Yimer) regarding this news, which is closely related to our own customers and many foreign guests residing in Turkey, it was stated that current news has not yet been decided and formalized by official institutions. It was also stated that this decision has not yet been published by official institutions, since it is a weekend and a public holiday. For similar news to be official, you are kindly requested to visit the announcements area, namely https://www.goc.gov.tr/duyurular link on the official website of our state, goc.gov.tr.

You can access the official statement of the Migration Administration on this subject on the website https://www.goc.gov.tr/istanbulda-39-ilcenin-yabancilarin-ikamet-izinlere-kapatildigi-iddialarina-iliskin-basin-aciklamasi.

As E-ikametsigorta.com, we are happy to share all legal updates with you.

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The news content spreading on the Internet without Real Quality is;


The practice of not granting residence permits to foreigners, which was implemented in 10 districts in Istanbul, spread to 39 districts. Fines, license revocation and imprisonment continue to be imposed on those who rent out their homes or host illegal residents in their hotels.


According to the Presidency's 2022 data, 5.4 million foreign nationals reside in Turkey. Istanbul is the city with the highest number of foreign nationals with 1,294 million foreigners. While the influx of migration and the problems it brings continue to increase in Istanbul, efforts to find solutions continue. However, with the new decision, residence permits of foreign nationals were suspended except for absolute necessity.



In the mega city with an estimated official population of 15 million 908 thousand and a dynamic population of 20 million, the practice of not granting residence permits to foreign nationals, which was implemented by the Ministry of Interior in 10 districts as of October 2022, was extended to 39 districts in March. In the mega-city, where residence permits are suspended except in cases of absolute necessity such as personal security, health, education and international trade, it was decided on October 7, 2022, that foreigners would not be granted residence permits until a second decision was taken by the ministry. According to the figures of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration a year ago, there are 1 million 294 thousand 124 foreign nationals representing 8% of the population in Istanbul, where about one-eighth of the official population (2 million 174 thousand 766) registered for their own citizenship, excluding foreigners who gained citizenship through property acquisition. According to official figures, Syrians constitute the largest group among the foreign population in Istanbul with 535,025 people.



Over the past two weeks, Istanbul police have conducted operations against illegal immigration networks, capturing more than 5,000 irregular migrants, most of them Syrians, and delivering them to repatriation centers. According to official figures, 5.4 million and according to unofficial estimates, close to 7 million foreign nationals live in Turkey, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to prevent domestic-foreign conflicts and ghettoization with the "intensification policy" implemented last year.



In Istanbul, penalties including fines and sealing of properties have been applied to people who illegally rent out their properties and host illegal immigrants in hotels and workplaces. In the operations carried out since the beginning of this year, 51 people have been arrested in 29 separate operations against people who illegally rent their properties to immigrants for less than 15 days on a daily or weekly basis. A fine of 26,750 Turkish liras was imposed on each person. If they commit the same crime three times in a row, their hotel license will be revoked, and their property will be sealed indefinitely. Four of the 51 detainees were arrested, and six of them were taken under judicial control.


Important note; Carry out all your residence procedures yourself at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Apply only at the official website.

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