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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we continue to share the legal information we have learned about the insurance and residence processes in order to make the lives of our foreign guests living in Turkey easier.

This blogs topic will be about, people applying for extension of residence in the first months of 2023 and the negative result of the residence application in the first applications for some countries citizens. As a result of the residence rejection, it will not be possible for our foreign guests to reside in the country, so we will talk about what they need to do in this process with the legal information we have obtained.

It is not possible for our foreign guests who have applied for a residence permit and whose application has been rejected, to reside in Turkey. For this reason, when the residence permit application is rejected, it is important to appeal in accordance with the refusal decision in order for it to be approved. The objection you find in this process must be accompanied by a lawyer.

The legal regulations pertaining to the residence permit institution in Turkey are regulated by the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. Our foreign guests who want to live in Turkey must apply for a residence permit in accordance with the legal rules when they want to stay in the country for a period exceeding their legal visa period, and the application evaluated by the competent authorities must be positive. However, if the application does not fulfill the requirements for obtaining a residence permit as a result of the examination by the Immigration Office, the residence permit application will be rejected.

So Why Does the Residence Permit Applications Get Rejected?

Residence permit may be rejected by the immigration administration due to the errors in the application process, the type of residence permit application or due to insufficient documentation of the reasons for the purpose of stay in Turkey.

So, what are the reasons that may lead to the rejection of the residence permit application?

• Failure to meet the required conditions according to the type of residence permit applied for.

• Having a deportation decision for the foreign national who has applied.

• The foreign national who has applied is banned from entering Turkey.

• The foreign national applying has a disease that will put the public health at risk.

• If the applicant is a foreign national, he/she does not submit the address information he/she will stay in Turkey if he/she obtains a residence permit.

• The foreign national applying for a residence permit after a visa violation has been found.

• The foreign national applying for another type of residence permit instead of the appropriate type of residence permit.

• The foreign national applying for a residence permit after the visa exemption period is completed.

The reasons for refusal of a residence permit application are generally the reasons listed above. Apart from this, there may be different reasons according to the additional features. These processes may be updated in certain periods depending on the updating of the laws or the request of additional documents depending on the purpose of stay in the country.

So, what can be done in case of rejection of the residence permit application?

If the required conditions are not met by the immigration administration or there are mistakes in the application process, the residence permit application may be rejected. The rejection decision is informed to the foreign national by the immigration administration on or after the appointment day. Of course, the foreigner whose residence permit application is rejected has the right to object to the refusal decision. He/She can apply to the administrative court for the annulment of the rejection decision of the application within 60 days following the day when he/she is informed of the rejection of the residence permit application.

Upon the rejection of the residence permit application, foreign nationals must exit Turkey within 10 days after the visa or visa exemption expires. If he does not have a visa exemption, he must leave the country within 10 days from the day on which the refusal decision is notified.

Objection by our foreign guests to the residence permit application rejection decision does not prevent the 10-day period for them to leave the country. In other words, even if he/she objects to the refusal decision, he/she must leave the country within the specified time. Foreign nationals who do not leave the country within the said period are subject to a deportation decision and an administrative fine is imposed. Therefore, these applications must be made in the presence of a lawyer in order to act in accordance with the legal deadlines and to conclude the process correctly and quickly.

How can foreign guests whose residence permit application has been rejected can apply again?

Our foreign guests, whose residence permit has been refused, can apply for residence again after leaving the country. If they are going to make this application within 6 months of the refusal decision, they must apply to a different type of residence from the current residence application type.

If it is necessary to explain with an example, our foreign guests who apply for a short-term tourist residence and gets rejected must show a different reason if they want to apply for residence within 6 months. For example, our foreign guests who are married to a Turkish spouse can apply for family residence; residency in Turkey is also possible by enrolling in language courses for the purpose of learning a language, or by buying a house in Turkey with a minimum value of 75 thousand dollars.

If the person is going to apply for the same type of residence, he/she has to wait for 6 months.

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