Beauties of Turkey: Van

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Beauties of Turkey: Van

Dear foreign health insurance customers, this week we will get to know Van, one of the most beautiful provinces in Turkey. If you're ready, let's get to know Van province.


Van is a beautiful and modern city. The history of Urartu stands out for its cat, the beauty of its lake. You can enjoy a cup of coffee on the shores of Lake Van while watching the unique beauty of the lake. The city center is on the east coast of Lake Van, about three miles was founded inside.

Height from the sea: 1725 meters. It stands out as one of the most sun-receiving provinces in Turkey. Already, during the Urartular period, it is known that the name "Tuşba" given to the city means "With plenty of sun".

In the Van region, in the highlands, the tulip, which we all know, opens in reverse. It's different, it doesn't exist in any other parts of the world. The tulip, which opens backwards, surprises those who see it with its different colors and different appearance. This plant with onions is forbidden to be taken out of town.

Lake Van, located in Van, is the largest lake in our country. Among the high mountains, it is a lake of depression. 60,000 years ago, as a result of the eruption of the Nemrut volcano, it is thought that lake Van formed as a result of the closure of a large body of water, which also contains the Moush plain, in Tatvan.

Lake Van is the largest soda lake in our country and the world. Water: besides being soday, it is extremely salty. Salinity rate: 019%. Therefore: it gives foam without soap, and in its water without the use of cleaning agent, everything can be washed.

Pearl mullet hunting is carried out from Lake Van. This fish, which can live in the soda water of Lake Van, offers a different flavor with plenty of caviar. At the same time, the less hairy is the biggest reason why it is preferred. From this delicious fish, be sure to taste it.

You should also visit the Van Museum. There is a rich collection of stone artefacts in the museum's garden, consisting of victory steles with nails, inscriptions and The God Teisheba relief, ram and sheep-shaped tombstones from the Akkoyunlu and Karakoyunlu period, and tombstones belonging to the Seljuks.

In the Museum's Ethnobical Works Hall, there are local rugs, collection of woven artefacts, silver arches, bracelets, hills, earrings, necklaces, tobacco, rosaries and mouthbuds made of different materials, kitchen containers made of bronze.

Besides, Van's Van cat is famous. The most decisive feature of the van cat: it has different eye colors. One of the cat's eyes: turquoise blue and the other amber yellow. Their feathers, on the other hand, are white as snow. In the region, this cat is called "Pisik". In character: very well behaved, cute and long-lasting. It is one of the rare animals that also pays attention to its cleanliness. However, there is no chance of living in low altitude places. It is possible to find these cats frequently in the city of Van. You'll even see oversized statues in a few places.


The bus station is 2.5 miles from the provincial centre. Away. Distance between Van-Ankara: 1238 km. Distance between Van-Istanbul: 1637 km. Distance between Van-Izmir: 1767 km.

Railway transportation: train station, about 5 km from the provincial center. it is located at a distance. Transportation between the station and the provincial center is provided by minibuses.

Air transport: Airport, city center, 7 km. Away. Transportation between the airport and the provincial center is provided by THY service vehicles. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance ( İkamet Sigortası ) services. 

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