Beauties of Turkey: Sivas

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Beauties of Turkey: Sivas

Dear resident insurance customers, we are happy to share with you the Sivas issue of our Beauty of Turkey series this week. If you're ready, let's get to know Sivas.


Located in the east of the Central Anatolia Region, Sivas is the second largest city in Turkey in terms of its area. It is also of great historical importance because it is located on the Silk Road and is a place where the King's Road passes. Sivas is one of the oldest and most important cities in Anatolia.

Of course, no one knows about the UNESCO-referenced Divriği Grand Mosque. Divriği Grand Mosque, which resembles al-Hamra with its structure and is located in Divriği district, was built by Ahmet Shah, son of Suleyman Shah, and Darüşşifa was built by Ahmet Shah's wife Melike Turan. This great work, which consists of two domed mosques, a Darüşşifa and a shrine, is of great importance not only architecturally, but also because it is one of the most beautiful works reflected in Anatolian traditional stonework.

However, there are many places to see in Sivas, which has a different importance with its location on the Silk Road!

Another symbol of Sivas, Kale Mosque, is a mosque that you can reach in a few steps with its being right at the bottom of Ataturk Congress and Ethnography Museum. The mosque, which was made entirely of cut stone with a rectangular plan close to the square, was built by the ester Sivas Beylerbeyi Murad Pasha at the time of Sultan Murat III.

The Shifaiye Madrasah, also known as Sivas Darüşşifa, which is located right next to the Kale Mosque, was built as a healing house by seljuk Sultan Izzeddin Keykavus I and used as a madrasa during the Ottoman period. One of the points that makes madrasa so important is that it is one of the oldest hospitals in the world to have ever existed. The building, built with stone and brick materials, is known as one of the most architecturally valuable Anatolian Seljuk works with its brickwork, decoration and relief figures and inscriptions. The southern eyva of the four-year-old Healing Madrasah is the tomb of Izzeddin Keykavus I.

Madrasah against madrasa! He is known for his two minarets rising on the crown door on the name of The Madrasah with Double Minaret, which is located right opposite the Healing Madrasah. The madrasah was built in 1271/72 by Ilhanli lyzir Sahip Shamseddin Mehmet Cüveyni. The only original part of the madrasah is its majestic façade, which is due to the fact that it is the highest crown door in Anatolia. The Madrasah with Double Minaret, also known as Darü'l-hadis, has defied time with its stone door decorated with geometric and herbal motifs and half towers in its corners.

Gok Madrasah is next. The most beautiful building where Turkish architecture and ornamental art meet!

It was used as a madrasah until 1926 with its rich-looking marble stone door and open courtyard, and was converted into a museum in 1926. It's admirable that shades of blue and yellow fit out of a fairy tale.

How to get to Sivas?

Sivas is located 434 kilometers from Erzurum, 196 kilometers from Kayseri, 247 kilometers to Malatya, 442 kilometers to Ankara, 1023 kilometers to Izmir, 821 kilometers to Bursa, 836 kilometers to Antalya and 893 kilometers from Istanbul. There are many alternatives to get to Sivas.

One of the fastest and most comfortable ways to reach Sivas is by air. Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport, which is 22 kilometers from the city center, is organized by different airlines from Istanbul and Izmir. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance services. 

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