Beauties of Turkey: Mount Nemrut

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Beauties of Turkey: Mount Nemrut 

Mount Nemrut, which we consider as essential to travel on your holiday in Turkey, will give you perhaps the most beautiful sunrise you can ever have in your life. In this article, we will introduce foreign health insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers to Nemrut Mountain, which is one of the most iconic places in Turkey.  

Mount Nemrut is located in Karadut Village, which is connected to Adiyaman. However, access to Mount Nemrut is also possible from Malatya. Fact that, there is also the debate between Adiyamans and Malatians who have been going on for years about who owns the Mount Nemrut 

Statues made during the reign of Kommagene King, who dominated the region between 163 BC and 72 AD, Statues first built by King Antiochus. It was built for Antiochus' gratitude to his ancestors and the gods. At the same time, this area has Antiochus’s own tomb. But this tomb has not been discovered yet. 

Mount Nemrut, who’s at peak is 2,150 meters above sea level, is one of the most magnificent ruins of the Hellenistic era. The statues found on Mount Nemrut are spread east, west and north. Of these, the Eastern terrace is a sacred site and is home to the most important sculptures. At the same time, the sculptures are made of limestone blocks and can reach a height of up to 10 meters. When you first look at the sculptures composed of the head, the body is also presenting a sitting manner. But the bodies of the statues have disappeared over time. 

Our advice to our foreign health insurance ( İkamet Sigortası ) customers is that they visit Mount Nemrut at sunrise or sunset. In this way, you can experience the full experience of Mount Nemrut, when you reach the hill where you climb in pitch darkness at gun sunrise, you can see the mysterious mountain silhouettes and landscape.  

You can visit Nemrut Mountain with your MüzeKart, both Malatya and Adiyaman counters accept it. We will be sharing the details on this topic later in our article. 

When you go to Mount Nemrut, we highly recommend that you bring water and snack food with you. Because there are no facilities (including a toilet) on top of Mount Nemrut. For this reason, we recommend that you take water with you. 

And no matter what season, you must bring thick clothes with you. Because it is too high above sea level, Mount Nemrut, which is very cold especially after sunset, can easily reach the freezing cold with the wind. Therefore, we recommend that you take thick clothes with you. 

You also have to take comfortable shoes with you, don't get fooled into the summer and don't bring shoes like slippers and sandals with you. Our advice will be a comfortable sneaker. Besides that, you don't have to be sporty to get up to Mount Nemrut. Anyone of all ages can come out of Mount Nemrut, which is a short pathway.  

To reach Mount Nemrut, if you are starting journey from Malatya, you need a period of about 2 hours. After arriving with your own vehicle, you can park and go to the top with the service. You can also go out with your own car if you want, but because the road is a little distorted, it would be a better choice to use the service. 

Nemrut National Park area is 90 minutes away from Adiyaman city center. After arriving in Kahta district with long-distance buses, you can benefit from the shuttle services of hotels, you can rent minibuses. You can also observe the city of Karakuş Tumulus and Arsemia on the road from Adiyaman to Mount Nemrut. 


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