Beauties of Turkey: Mardin

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Beauties of Turkey: Mardin

Dear foreign health insurance customers, this week we will get to know Mardin province in our Beauty of Turkey series.


Located in the Southeast Anatolia Region in Turkey, Mardin is located on fertile lands that have hosted countless civilizations throughout history.

Mardin, the meeting point of civilizations, is a unique paradise for cultural and history buffs. The city, where different faiths and cultures live together, is one of the most magnificent places in Anatolia with its rich historical history, fertile lands, tolerance atmosphere and impressive stone structures.

Mardin, which gives the impression that time has stopped with its historical history dating back to 4,500 BC, is among the cities of Turkey with the appearance of an open-air museum, which bears the traces of many civilizations from Sumers to Ottomans.

Mardin, which is one of the most touristic destinations in Southeastern Anatolia with its mosques, churches, monasteries, tombs, mansions, caravanserais and ancient cities that shed light on human history, is located on the Silk Road route.


There are dozens of places to visit in and around Mardin City Center. The historical city center, which is known as the old Mardin, is frequented by those who come to Mardin.

Mardin Castle, Mardin Museum, Heritage Chain Madrasah from Artuklus, Deyrülzafaran Monastery, the holy place of Assynyans, are among the landmarks in Mardin, which is located in the heart of tolerant lands. Dara Ancient City, 30 km southeast of Mardin, is the hidden treasure of the region.

Mor Gabriel Monastery (Deyrulumur Monastery) is one of the famous and largest works of the Assyrian Ancient Community in Midyat district, reminiscent of a postcard with the stone houses of Mardin. The foundations of The Purple Gabriel, which has the characteristics of being the oldest Standing Assyrian Orthodox monastery in the world, were laid in 397 by Mor Şmuel and Mor Şemun on a high hill covered with oak trees.

The present name of his monastery, which has been mentioned by different names throughout history, comes from the name of Mor Gabriel, bishop of the Assynya region 'Turabdin', the mother of the Assynyas, which enslales Midyat and its surroundings. Located in the geography between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, the church is considered the most famous monastery of assyns in Mesopotamia and Asia in terms of its role in Christian history.

Mardin is also an open-air art center where distinguished examples of the noblest form of silver are produced. In recent years it has become a film plateau of popular series. The geography of the region is called Tour Abdin in Syriac.

How to get to Mardin?

Mardin Airport, located in Kiziltepe district of Mardin, 25 km away from the city center, has direct flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Those who want to reach Mardin by their own vehicle can reach Mardin via Viranşehir by following the highway up to Sanliurfa city center. Mardin is 190 km (3 hours), Gaziantep is 335 km (4.5 hours), Istanbul is 1,480 km (17.5 hours), Ankara is 1,030 km (13 hours), Izmir is 1,470 km (17 hours). is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance services. 

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