Beauties of Turkey: Kayseri

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Beauties of Turkey: Kayseri

Dear resident insurance customers, we will share Kayseri province with you in this week's Beauties of Turkey series. If you're ready, let's get to know Kayseri.


If you did not go in a season with cold winds coming from Erciyes, it is best to walk around Kayseri, where you can encounter a historical place in almost every corner.

Kayseri Cumhuriyet Square is a good starting point to start exploring the city. When you stand in Cumhuriyet Square, the heart of the city, and examine your surroundings, you can see traces of 5,000 years. You can see the historical heritage of the Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic periods from where you are from the castle from the Romans. The old Kayseri and the new Kayseri are intertwined in this square.

Kayseri Castle: The most important of the historical buildings in Kayseri. It goes back to the 3rd century A.D. It was used in Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. The castle has 2 gates and 18 sign, then another door was opened. In general, castles are built in hills, high points, while Kayseri Castle is one of the rare examples set up in a flat area.

Kayseri Clock Tower: During the time of Sultan Abdulhamit II, an edict was issued for the construction of a clock tower and a muvakkithane (places set up next to mosques and during the work of adjusting prayer times according to the movements of the sun). The 10-meter-high Kayseri Clock Tower was built of cut stone in 1906 as a result of this edict.

Bürüngüz Mosque: A mosque built by Refik Bürüngüz in the classical Ottoman architectural style. There is also a point that dominates Cumhuriyet Square. The mosque was built in the 6th century, with a single dome, a single minaret.

Kurşunlu Mosque: Located between Kayseri Grand Bazaar and Hilton Kayseri. It is said to be one of two mosques built by Mimar Sinan in Kayseri. There are doubts about the claim that Mimar Sinan was 97 at the time. It is worth seeing pen embroidery and decorations.

How to get to Kayseri?

Central Anatolia is a bridge between the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions and between the provinces in this region and the west and south of Turkey. Therefore, it has important rail and highways. The Eastern Express from Ankara to Kars, the Erzurum Express, which provides transportation between Ankara and Erzurum, and the Lake Van Express, which provides transportation from Ankara to Tatvan, pass through Kayseri. Erciyes Express, which connects Kayseri to Adana, is also frequently preferred. Kayseri, which also supports the important railway network by road transportation, is organized bus services from many important cities of Turkey. It is also possible to reach the city by air. Kayseri Airport is located 3.1 miles from the city. Therefore, the airport is within easy reach of the places to see and visit in Kayseri. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance services.

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