Beauties of Turkey: Datça

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Beauties of Turkey: Datça

Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we are happy to share with you the Datça issue of our Beauty of Turkey series this week. If you're ready, let's all get to know Datca.


Datça is the second richest region in the world in terms of oxygen and the richest region in Turkey.

Datça Peninsula, where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet, is a town rewarded with its natural beauty and originality by taking more than its share of the freshness of the Aegean and the sincerity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Datça can be perfect for you if you want a holiday where you can explore the streets of Datça step by step, always find movement and have plenty of food and shopping. Datça center is separated into two regions as Old Datca and New Datça, and we can say that both regions have their own beauties when it comes to accommodation.

As the name of the new Datça region suggests, Datça is the new face of the center, in fact, the side where more urbanized and settled life flows. Another feature of the new Datça is that the center is on the seashore side. You feel the beauty of the sea everywhere with its streets lying out to sea, Datça Beach and Datça Port.

As for the region called old Datca, when you move inland from New Datca, you come during this small and quaintly towny region.

You will find the historical texture of Datça, cultural tourism, stone streets decorated with bougainvillea in this area. Our advice to our foreign health insurance (yabancı sağlık sigortası) customers is to choose this region for theirstay.

You should use your choice in favor of Old Datça for a quiet and peaceful holiday where you will get lost among the historical stone houses, taste Datça delicacies in authentic restaurants.

The easiest and shortest method of transportation to Datça is to take a ferry from Bodrum Marina to Datça by renting a car from the airport using Milas Bodrum Airport in Bodrum district of Mugla.

Another and most used alternative method of transportation to Datça is via Dalaman Airport. You can come to Marmaris by shuttle from Dalaman Airport and pass from Marmaris Bus Station to Datça.

If you want to travel in your own vehicle, here are some of our road details for you:

•   It takes approximately 125 kilometers and 2 hours between Mugla and Datça.

•   It takes approximately 70 kilometers and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Marmaris to Datça.

•   It takes approximately 220 kilometers and 3 hours and 40 minutes between Aydin and Datça.

•   It takes approximately 880 kilometers and 12 and a half hours from Istanbul to Datça.

•   It takes approximately 710 kilometers and 10 hours and 15 minutes between Ankara and Datça.

•   It takes approximately 645 kilometers and 9 hours between Bursa and Datça. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance services. 

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