A Brief Overview of Cappadocia

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A Brief Overview of Cappadocia 

Cappadocia is an historical site located in the Anatolia, where it’s usually concentrated around Nevşehir and is one of the travel points of our customers with foreign health insurance (Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası). Cappadocia region, whose structure consists of extinct volcano lava, and fairy chimneys with a magical image, welcome millions of tourists from all over the world to their land every year. 

Cappadocia, where you can ride hot air balloons and cruise from the top, took its name in the 6th century BC and contains many historical areas such as urgup, goreme and ihlara valley around it. 

In Cappadocia, our foreign health insurance (Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası) customers who finish sight-seeing the place early in the morning in hot air balloons can make their “serpme” breakfasts by looking at Cappadocia in Uçhisar and spend their days walking in the Valley of Ihlara with a short car ride. As dinner, of course, we recommend pottery beans, which are famous around Cappadocia, and a testi kebab that is cooked slowly for 2 hours in a pottery. 

You can also experience pottery by visiting pottery workshops during the day and buy many products made of clay in stores. If you're going to make pottery, our advice will be to take some risk of getting yourself dirty.

If you want to relieve yourself after your walk in the Ihlara Valley, you can complete the day with pumpkin dessert made from pumpkins grown in every garden in Cappadocia. and a glass of Cappadocian wine. 

One of our suggestions as Cappadocia wine is that you taste and visit Turasan Wines, which is recognized worldwide and have received many awards. 

If you want to visit Cappadocia, where you will be safe at all points while traveling with our health insurance for foreigners (Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası), you can reach Cappadocia by your personal car or by using Nevşehir airport. From Nevşehir airport, which takes daily flights from many provinces and is 30 kilometers from Nevşehir city center, you can reach the city center and start an excellent Cappadocia experience using city shuttles at a cost of 25-30 TL, or with the shuttle facilities offered by your airline or hotel. 

Cappadocia, which is divided into regions in terms of accommodation, continues to give you new excitements every day with different experiences. 

For accomodation, E-ikametsigorta.com recommends Göreme to our foreign health insurance (Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası) customers, nevşehir's richest place in terms of accommodation, also hosts Lovers Hill and Goreme open-air museum where you can visit and spend hours. 

You can choose your accommodation from Tripadvisor for your stay in Goreme. One of the most important points to look at when choosing a hotel is customer reviews and hotel score. With all this in mind, we are all confident that you will have a great Cappadocia trip in your chosen place.  

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Photo by Magdalena Kula Manchee on Unsplash

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