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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we continue to share with you the legal information we have learned about insurance and residence processes to make the lives of foreign guests living in Turkey easier.

Our Website only offers Foreign Health Insurance / Residence Permit Insurance. It was established for this purpose. Apart from this, there are no different insurance products. All information regarding residence permit processes on our website and blog posts is for the purpose of informing users and is shared completely free of charge to help our insured.

With this week's blog post, we will share with you how you will apply for the Foreign Student (YÖS) Examination in 2024.

YÖS (Foreign Student Examination) will be held on May 18, 2024 for foreign students who want to study at a university in Turkey. Students who want to take the exam must apply between 01-18 March 2024. You will be able to take this exam from many countries around the world, including Turkey.

You can also take this exam in countries such as Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, America, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. When you take this exam, you will be ranked according to your score from public universities in Turkey and you will be able to choose from the university there.

Candidates will apply individually from ÖSYM's website https://tryos.osym.gov.tr.

The application guide presents detailed information about the exam. Please refer to the following link to access the guide. Candidates who will apply for the exam should carefully study the guide.



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