• This campaign is valid for foreign health insurance purchased from the website www.e-ikametsigorta.com between 17 January 2022 - 28 February 2022.
• trendyol.com will provide a discount equal to the gift card amount for purchases on trendyol website. Gift card can be used in parts for different purchases.
• After the policy purchase is completed, the trendyol.com gift card will be sent to your e-mail or mobile phone as an SMS. Gift card amount can be divided for different purchases.
• Gift cards can be used in all categories except gold, mobile phones and digital products.
• In case of cancellation or return of the product purchased from Trendyol.com, the discount amount will be loaded back into your wallet.
• The desired amount of money can be transferred to the wallet on top of the gifted amounts. Amounts must be 10 TL and its multiples.
• The discount amount cannot be converted into cash or similar payment instruments.
• E-ikametsigorta.com and Trendyol have the right to stop the campaign or change the conditions of the campaign when necessary.
• Coupon codes are valid until 31.03.2022. The codes that have not been used or canceled until this date, a new code or cash equivalent of the unused amount cannot be requested.
• Trendyol gift cards to be gifted within the scope of the campaign are limited. Even if the campaign participation is approved, the code will not be shared with the user after the code stock is finished.
• In order to use the gift card, it is necessary to be a member of Trendyol.com and Trendyol Wallet must be activated. You can load your gift card into your wallet by entering the given codes in the relevant field in your Trendyol Wallet.
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