• Earned Money Digital Shopping Codes will be automatically sent to the inviting insured's e-mail address after purchasing foreign health insurance of the people invited via the link.
• There is no limit to the number of people that can be invited.
• After the purchases of the invited individuals, the inviting foreign health insurance customer will earn 50 TL Money Digital Shopping Code.
• In order to earn the Money Digital Shopping Code, the invited customer must purchase the insurance and the purchased policy must not be cancelled.
• The Money Digital Shopping Code will be sent to the customer's e-mail address or SMS phone number by Enki Insurance Brokerage A.Ş. no later than 1 week after the purchase.
• In cases where it is determined that the service provided is used for purposes other than meeting individual needs, within the scope of the fair use condition, E-ikametsigorta.com will examine the use of the inviting customer and, if it suspects bad faith, warn the customer, exclude them from the campaign if necessary, and unilaterally cancel their participation in the campaign, and reserves the right to cancel the Money Digital Shopping Code.
• More than one Digital Shopping Code can be used for purchases made from stores. In Migros Sanal Market and Migros Hemen purchases, one Digital Shopping Code can be used in one purchase.
• Within the scope of the campaign, a Digital Shopping Code consisting of 16 digits will be sent.
• If the shopping code is not used within 45 days from the date of purchase of the insurance, the validity of the code will expire. A new code or cash equivalent of the unused code cannot be requested for codes that have not been used or canceled until this date.
• Digital Shopping Codes are for single use and cannot be used by dividing. Changes, gift vouchers, etc. cannot be requested for the remaining balance in the code at the end of the shopping.
• Considering the possibility of invoicing more than the total amount in purchases of weighted and alternative products in the purchases to be made from Migros Virtual Market and Migros Immediately; 80% of your shopping amount can be paid with the Digital Shopping Code. The remaining 20% of your order is finalized by applying an authorization on your credit card.
• The Money Digital Shopping Code cannot be converted into cash or similar payment instruments.
• Digital Shopping Codes to be gifted within the scope of the campaign is limited. Even if the campaign participation is approved, the code will not be shared after the codes within the campaign are exhausted.
• In order to earn Money Digital Shopping Code, insurance must be purchased and the purchased policy must not be cancelled. In the case of cancellation, cancellation and refund will be made by deducting the Money Digital Shopping Code amount from the insurance refund premium.
• Alcohol, cigarettes, TL loading and New Year's baskets, Ramadan parcels and Kurban are not included in the campaign expenditure.
• The campaign is valid for foreign health insurance purchased from the website www.e-ikametsigorta.com.
• Those who participate in the campaign by sharing the invitation link are deemed to have accepted these terms.
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