Medline Emergency Services

Medical Counseling by Phone

No matter what time it is, uninterrupted medical counseling service is provided by the doctors in charge of the Alarm Center by calling 444 12 12. In emergency or non-emergency situations, the Medline Emergency Health Member is informed by the doctors at the Alarm Center about the current health problem and is directed about what needs to be done. In this service, drugs are not recommended and prescriptions are not issued.

Land Ambulance Service with Doctor

The scope of our service ends with our members from the first time they reach Medline Emergency Health Center in an emergency, until their treatment is completed by the emergency doctor and fully intensive care equipped ambulance, or after their transfer to the most appropriate hospital and meeting with the doctor, they are delivered to the hospital bed.

Medline Emergency Health ambulances provide service with a team of doctors, anesthesia technicians and drivers who have received first aid training, with their equipment in international standards.

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