Invite a Friend, Win 50 TL Trendyol Gift Card!

Create your special link and share it with your friends. Earn 50 TL Trendyol Gift Card for every policy purchased!

Your gift card will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after your invited friend purchased a policy.

Our customers who invite their friends via "Invite and Win" campaign win 50 TL Trendyol Gift Card after invited person purchased a policy. There is no limit, invite as many friends as you want, earn gift cards as much as the policy purchased. In order to benefit from this campaign, it is sufficient for the invited person to purchase a foreign health insurance via your special link.

Campaign Conditions

• The earned Trendyol Gift Cards will be automatically sent to the e-mail address of the inviting insured after the foreign health insurance purchase by the person invited via the link.
• There is no limit to the number of people that can be invited.
• After the purchase of the invited person, the inviting customer will win a Trendyol Gift Certificate of 50 TL.
• In order to win the Trendyol Gift Card, the invited person must purchase the insurance and the purchased policy must not be cancelled.
• The gift card is sent to the customer's e-mail address or SMS to the phone number by Enki Sigorta Aracılık Hiz. Ltd. Şti, within 1 week after the purchase.
• Within the scope of the fair use condition, in cases where it is determined that the service provided is used for purposes other than meeting individual needs, Enki Sigorta Aracılık Hiz. Ltd. Şti may examine the use of the inviting customer and, if it suspects bad faith, may warn the customer, may exclude him from the campaign if necessary, may cancel his participation in the campaign unilaterally, and may cancel gift cards.
• will provide a discount equal to the gift card amount for purchases on trendyol website. Gift card can be used in parts for different purchases.
• Gift cards can be used in all categories except gold, mobile phones and digital products.
• In case of cancellation or return of the product purchased from, the discount amount will be loaded back into your wallet.
• The desired amount of money can be transferred to the wallet on top of the gifted amounts. Amounts must be 10 TL and its multiples.
• The discount amount cannot be converted into cash or similar payment instruments.
• and Trendyol have the right to stop the campaign or change the conditions of the campaign when necessary.
• Trendyol gift cards to be gifted within the scope of the campaign are limited. Even if the campaign participation is approved, the code will not be shared with the user after the code stock is finished.
• In order to use the gift card, it is necessary to be a member of and Trendyol Wallet must be activated. You can load your gift card into your wallet by entering the given codes in the relevant field in your Trendyol Wallet.
• Coupon codes are valid for 1 month after the date of winning. The codes that have not been used or canceled until this date, a new code or cash equivalent of the unused amount cannot be requested.
• This campaign is valid for foreign health insurance purchased from the website
• Those who participate in the campaign by sharing the invitation link are deemed to have accepted these terms.

How will I use the Gift Card?

1. Create a user account on or log in if you have one.

2. Go to the "Trendyol Wallet" (Trendyol Cüzdanım) page from the My Account (Hesabım) menu and activate your wallet with the SMS verification code.

3. Enter your coupon code in the "Load with Gift Card" (Hediye Çeki ile Yükleme Yap) section and enter your coupon code.